Is Your Ex Playing Mind Games?


Is Your Ex Playing Mind Games?

Sometimes it can seem like your ex just doesn’t know when to quit with the hurt. They break up with you, tear your heart to shreds, take up with a new lover, and yet still think they can keep you hanging on in the background ‘just in case‘ it doesn’t work out with the new guy/gal.

They call, they text, they flirt, and all the time you’re sitting there thinking they must want you back or they wouldn’t be doing those things. And the only reason they’re not just coming right out and saying they want to get back together is because they’re scared you’ll reject them.

You know what? If you have an ex that is messing with your mind, make sure they stay your ex. It’s one thing to try and get back with someone you love. It’s quite another to use mind games as a way of preventing your ex from moving on when you have no intention of ever getting back together with them.

If you are serious about getting back with your ex, then playing mind games is a definite NO-NO. It’s fine to play a little hard to get, it’s ok to get their curiosity stoked as to what you’re up to, it is highly recommended you get yourself looking drop dead gorgeous.

But, it is not ok to lead someone on when you have no intention of following through. Remember, breaking up is painful enough without dragging that pain out for the other party just because you can.

How do you know if they’re messing with your mind or whether they’re actually serious about wanting to get back together?

Well, here’s a few tips to help you figure it out.

  • Are they seeing someone else? If so, then any talk of getting back together with you is just that – talk. Until they dump the new love, don’t take any of their sweet talk seriously.
  • Do they give off the same signals when you’re in company as they do when you’re alone? If not, why not? What are they hiding?
  • Do they ever call or text when you know they’re at a party and should be having a good time? If they’re thinking of you instead of getting on and having fun, it’s a pretty good bet they’re interested. (Note, this does not include them calling/texting at the end of the night if they’ve had one drink too many!)

If your ex is playing mind games with you, call them on it. Tell them (politely) that you don’t find it an attractive quality and really would prefer they saved it for someone else. One way or the other you’ll know where you stand and so will they. It’ll sure speed up the process of getting back together if that’s what both of you really want. :)

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