Free Love Spells to Make A Man Marry You


You know, I’ve spoken before about the number of free love spells you can find on the Internet. And yet, I still get asked if I know of any free love spells to make a man marry you.

I know when your heart is broken you look for anything that offers even the slightest glimmer of hope. I know that you will go out of your way to try something that you normally would never consider, even in your wildest dreams.  I know that when the end of the world arrives, your instinct for survival overrides every other sense you were born with.

And I so wish I could offer you a free love spell (or even a paid one) that would work and bring back the lover of your dreams, or find you a new one if that’s what you’re looking for.

But I can’t. And unfortunately, neither can anyone else.

Spells, voodoo, witchcraft, call it what you like, all work on one very basic principle. The power of mind over matter. The dressings around the spell, (charms, herbs, candles, etc) serve to help give you some reinforcement. But they are just dressings. Nothing more.

The ultimate power of any spell is in your mind. If you truly believe that saying certain words, or performing certain rituals, will bring you a man (or woman) that wants to marry you then they will. Well actually, they won’t but they will influence your subconscious mind to such an extent that you will change your behaviours to attract that person into your life.

The beauty of it is that you probably won’t even notice these changes. The mind is a weird and wonderful thing, capable of more than we will ever know in this lifetime. The universe abides by certain laws that very few people actually understand.

Think about this. If you plant a seed in your garden, and you tend to it every day, it’s going to grow. In fact, there’s a good chance that even if you don’t look after it, it’ll probably still grow in the beginning, just won’t last very long.

Now your garden doesn’t particularly care what seeds you plant. The earth will grow whatever you put into it. You can choose to plant roses, or you can choose to plant poison ivy. Either way, whatever you put in, you are going to get out.

The Universe works in the same way. You plant your seed, you tend to it, and the Universe will grow it. And it works whether the seed you plant is good or bad.

In there is the essence of all the free spells on love, money, health, work or any other topic you’d care to name.

So with that said, here is a breakdown of a free love spell to make a man marry you. In fact, it’s a free love spell to bring about any result you want.

1 – Decide what it is you want. (Just make the decision and accept the fact that this is the way it’s going to be)

2 – Get on with your life. Don’t start messing with it. You wouldn’t board an airplaine and proceed to start telling the pilot how to fly the plane. Don’t try to tell the Universe how to bring you what you’ve decided is already yours.

There you go. Two simple steps that will make a man marry you, or make your ex lover want you back, or bring you the partner of your dreams, or anything else you want in your life.

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