How to Find Love Again After A Breakup


How to Find Love Again After A Breakup

The trouble with breaking up is that it leaves you in a state of mind where you just don’t ever want to risk looking for love again. A broken heart is simply not capable of loving. Period.

However, you can find love again. Whether you get back with your ex lover and find that your love is stronger or you move on and find love with someone new. (Yes, it does happen)

Some folks say love just happens, no need to go looking for it, and there’s a ring of truth in that. But you have to actually meet and interact with someone before you can love them. Even if you get back with an ex lover, the love is different second time around.

Finding Love With An Ex

A break up changes people. No matter how much you loved them when you were together, if you’ve broken up and gotten back together, you will find yourself having to find love with them all over again. You see them differently, they see you differently.

At first, you’ll be nervous in case it doesnt work out and your instinct is to protect yourself and your heart from going through a second breakup.

Be prepared to give it time. Get to know them all over again. Only this time with fresh eyes, and a firm committment to putting right the wrongs that caused the breakup.

Finding Love With Someone New

If you don’t want to get back with your ex, then you need to prepare yourself to find love with someone new. And yes, you will need to prepare yourself.

If you think it’s hard finding love again with an ex, it’s much harder to find it with someone new. Unfortunately, you have to spend a lot of time clearing out the baggage that is left over from your previous relationship.

If your heart and mind are full of doubts, insecurities, blame and self esteem issues, there is no room for a new lover to fill them with hope, love and happiness.

Take your time to make sure you’re ready to find love. It’s too easy to rush right out and start up a new relationship. But they rarely work. Rebound relationships are doomed to failure and all you succeed in doing is sharing the hurt you feel with someone new.

Be Positive About Love

It’s very easy after a breakup to think that love is a bad thing, an impossible dream, only for fools, … Nobody is ever going to find love if they think like this.

It’s important you keep a positive frame of mind about love itself. You have to be willing to love again if you ever hope to find it. Yes, it means you’re opening yourself up to another breakup. But that’s life. Life is full of risks. Not all of them offer such a great reward as love does.

Besides, who would ever love you if they knew you weren’t going to return that love to them? Remember, love is a two way street. The other person is also hoping to find love. When two people are looking for love, there’s a greater chance of them finding it together. When only one person is looking for love and the other person is just looking for a relationship, nobody finds what they’re looking for.

Loving again after a breakup might be something you don’t consider is possible right now. But it is. You just have to be willing to accept that fact and then you’ll know how to find love wherever and whenever you choose.


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